Delivering unique health and diagnostic benefits with every urination

When an Aim-Straight is used, the urine stream reacts with whichever reagent is applied to the lower (distal) end of the cone. In basic form:

  • Subject to the reagent applied, it changes colour if it detects protein, blood, glucose or potential indicators of diabetes or prostate cancer*.
  • This alerts the man to seek medical advice from a GP.

Optimal penile health promotes good sexual health

The area under the foreskin can harbour bacteria and viruses. While being used as a urination aid, an Aim-Straight also cleans, medicates and dries the penis using an inner layer coated with a dry hypo-allergenic antibacterial agent. This too can be varied according to the territory of sales to ensure that the antibacterial agent is approved for use in the territory as a medical product in itself.

  • The hypo-allergenic wipe leaves the penis cleaner than it was prior to urination.
  • Aim-Straight’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial action helps stop the spread of: –
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including Chlamydia, Herpes and Genital Warts.
    • The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that leads to cervical cancer.
  • Recommended by gynaecologists.

An Aim-Straight can adapt and evolve as the layer within it can be impregnated with any other kind of dry, antibacterial compounds that might be developed in the future.

Use Aim-Straight as an efficient medical diagnostic aid

An Aim-Straight is endlessly adaptable because it can be impregnated with different diagnostic compounds and reagents.

When the patient simply uses an Aim-Straight, his urine creates a harmless chemical reaction that causes the reagent to change colour.

In addition to the domestic version which carries one reagent, there exists the possibility to manufacture a “professional” version for use by the medical profession in urine testing. This would act as a replacement for the current regime wherein the user is required to “fill a bottle” which is then tested with a reagent impregnated strip.

  • Neater, Greener, Cheaper and Quicker than traditional urine sampling methodology.
  • Reduces the time and expense of administration, couriers and laboratories.
  • Speeds up diagnosis of such conditions as diabetes and STDs.

The reagent can be varied according to the territory of sales to ensure that it or they are approved for use in the territory as a stand alone medical product in its own right.

Another key application is that the reagent in the “domestic” version can be one specifically to detect alcohol levels to show whether the user is legally fit to drive. These could be given away in pubs and bars for example, with advertising or a warning printed on the outside.

*subject to licencing