Retail packs

Aim-Straights stack easily inside each other and are intended be sold for domestic use in packs of 28. Dispensers will also be available. They will ideally be displayed in retail outlets close to the toilet tissue.

Depending on market territory retail price is suggested to be flexible. In the UK, for example, an optimal price on the shelves may be £3.99 per pack of 28 – a price point approximating to a multi-pack of high quality toilet tissue, and for only pennies per day, a small price to pay for daily health checks. Pocket-sized travel packs of ten represent a range extension for travellers, sportsmen, commuters and those in the forces.

Aim-Straight can also be placed at the point of use, with dispensers installed alongside toilet roll holders within cubicles located in:

  • Sports/Leisure Facilities, Health Clubs, Spas.
  • Stations, Ports, Airports as well as Trains, Planes, Ships etc.
  • Theatres, Cinemas and Clubs; especially Night Clubs.
  • Pubs, Bars, Coffee Shops, Hotels and Restaurants; including staff WC facilities.
  • Hospitals, Clinics and GP Surgeries.
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and Halls of Residence.
  • Any conveniences with public access

However, Aim-Straights are not suitable for use in urinals as they need to be flushed away.

Marketing and third party branding opportunities – Third Party Marketing

Aim-Straights also offer another revenue stream as the outer paper layer can be overprinted with any other kind of communication that may catch the attention.

  • Corporate branding/messages/promotions related to the outlet where dispensed; e.g. the hotel or airline.
  • Marketing messages/promotions from other brands, cancer charities etc.
  • Health reminders; e.g. “Now wash your hands”.
  • Club/college/team colours.

Once overprinted, Aim-Straights can be given away by including them with in-flight comfort packs for airline travelers, cancer charity information packs, STD clinic information packs, pubs and bars – the applications are endless.

Aim-Straights can also be impregnated with fragrances and flavours if required to leave a lasting impression, and again these can be linked to other brands.

Profit from this unique market development

There is no product on the market like Aim-Straight. It creates a whole new sector for sales.

The developers of Aim-Straight are seeking a manufacturing partner to acquire a licence to take this unique new opportunity to market.

Despite a potential market of 3.5 billion users worldwide, Aim-Straight anticipates a more modest uptake but even if only 2% of the potential marketplace takes it up, this still represents 70,000,000 consumers. Undoubtedly Japan, with some 40 million adult males alone, represents the biggest single opportunity in the developed world for Aim-Straight.