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Potential to save millions of lives.

Reduces man hours lost to industry due to illness.

Eases the pressure on the resources of health care service providers globally.

Bold statements, we know, but this innovative single-use urinary product with multiple health and marketing applications could deliver all of the above. Aim-Straight has, over the past 7 years, developed from a simple paper based product that assists gentlemen to urinate more accurately, to a single use flushable sophisticated diagnostic medical device (Class 2 in Japan, Class I elsewhere) that will have a major impact on the healthcare market.

The “Aim-Straight” was conceived in the UK by Michael Shelton and Peter Maxwell and after several years of R&D, is now protected by the patent process worldwide.

The company is seeking additional funding to enable it to invest in expertise to enable the finalisation of development of its product and bring it to market.

Whilst it is not a part of the company’s strategy to become a manufacturer, the company intends to license its IP to quasi partners to enable it to be manufactured in close proximity to its intended marketplaces.

A new revolution in men’s health and hygiene with the potential to save lives, the directors of Aim-Straight identified Japan, with over 40 million adult males representing the biggest single opportunity in the developed world for the product, as a key market. Market research in Japan showed that 84.4% approved the product and 71% of males confirmed that they would use the product.

A water resistant, water flushable paper cone that is slipped onto the penis to ensure a straight aim whilst urinating,this innovative product will also carry out health checks. Various reagents can be incorporated resulting in the lower end of the Aim-Straight reacting to abnormalities in the urine by changing colour. By detecting irregular levels of foreign matter such as blood, protein and glucose, Aim-Straight has the ability to signal an early warning for conditions such as diabetes or prostate cancer.

The cone also promotes optimal penile health, with the user’s penis being cleaned, medicated and dried by a hypo-allergenic antibacterial agent. Gynaecologists have recommended regular use of the product since Aim-Straight’s sanitising action can help to stop the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including chlamydia, herpes and genital warts. It can also prevent the spread of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that leads to cervical cancer.

As well as potentially saving lives, companies that demonstrate a corporate responsibility to staff welfare by installing dispensers will, not only benefit from reduced illness due to early diagnosis and therefore saving thousands in lost productivity, but will also positively impact the finances of health care service providers globally.

Another key application is that the reagent can be one specifically to detect alcohol levels. Aim-Straight will aid your aim after a couple of pints and the levels detected by the Aim-Straight can be altered to suit legal drink and drive limits in different countries.

Aim-Straight helps men aim accurately minimising any unhygienic splash back or drips, a benefit not just to all ages but also for those with degrees of disability, and the obese. Accurate urination reduces the hazard of wet floors, cuts cleaning and the need for air fresheners. After a single use, the Aim-Straight flushes away and disintegrates so is environmentally friendly. Wives, mothers, partners and cleaning contractors around the world will applaud this apparently simple invention!

Aim-Straights stack easily inside one another and are intended be sold for domestic use in packs of 28 (dispensers will also be available). This innovative product is inexpensive -just pennies per use – a small price to pay for daily health checks. There will also be a flat-packed version suitable for those in the forces, sportsmen (ideal for golfers), travellers and commuters.

If you would like to know more about the investment opportunity please contact Michael Shelton at Aim-Straight Ltd on [email protected] or +44 7836 725370

Press enquiries please contact Teresa Quinlan at Love PR & Communications Ltd [email protected] or +44 7961 383441