Sanitary – Why use an Aim-Straight?

For alerting men to potential health and social issues

Any one of a number of reagents can be applied to the lower (distal) section of the Aim-Straight. This, in turn, reacts to the presence of abnormalities in the urine by changing colour. A reagent may, for example, detect blood, excess glucose or protein thereby acting as an early warning for such conditions as diabetes, or, depending on which reagent is applied, certain sexually transmitted diseases or prostate cancer. Another version may include a rudimentary alcohol test which can determine whether the user is fit to drive after consuming alcohol. This can be varied to suit legal drink/drive limits in different territories.

For accurate urination

The Aim-Straight helps men urinate more accurately into a WC bowl minimising the unhygienic splashes and drips associated with urination. This will provide a benefit to all men including those with degrees of disability, and the obese (not to mention a benefit for anyone who has to clean up afterwards!)

For optimal penile health

At the same time, the penis is cleaned, medicated and dried by a dry hypo-allergenic antiseptic agent. This property has been endorsed by a gynaecologist as regular use can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer.

For the environment

Accurate urination reduces the hazard of wet floors, reduces cleaning time and the need for air fresheners in flushing toilets used by men.
After a single use the Aim-Straight flushes away. It is manufactured of water resistant water flushable paper, which is a product that is in the public domain.