Changing the male mindset

The average person urinates six times a day, although this number varies according to fluid intake, alcohol intake, sweating, exercise and other factors.

The usage of Aim-Straight could be only once a day. But it’s possible that consumers may prefer to urinate through a single-use Aim-Straight every time – making the market potential even bigger.

Once men realise how easy it is to maintain optimal penile health using an Aim-Straight, this vast potential market will open up. They also receive the reassurance of a low-tech health check that monitors abnormalities in the urine.

When women learn that when men use an Aim-Straight it delivers health benefits for all sexually active adults as well as the toilet environs, they will encourage their use. Such advocacy is an invaluable factor in expanding the use of the product.

Aim-Straight can be used for educating future generations of males at the toilet training stage, thereby transforming views on male hygiene. It can be manufactured in junior sizes.